1. "What the heck is a modular weight system, is that a new diet plan?" -  my wife, living room
My Wife,
     No, the Patented Modular Weight system I (your husband) created is not a diet plan.  It is a patented 25 grain weight collar that allows one pack of heads to be shot as either 100 or 125 grain.  Simply remove the collar for 100 grain or screw it forward for 125 grain.  
By the way, you look nice today!

2.  "What is the difference between the single & double bevel broadheads?" - Your mom, my house
Your mom,
     We get this question quite often.   A double bevel broadhead is ground on both sides of the blade.  A single bevel broadhead is only ground on one side (opposing sides of the blade).  Our single bevel is right side bevel.

Double bevel heads are our number one seller and highly recommend by dead animals all over the globe. The aerodynamics of this head allow it to fly incredible and all of the energy is used to "slice" through the animal, almost guaranteeing a pass through...regardless of bow poundage and arrow weight.  Our double bevels are seriously sharp (use caution handling them) and cut through flesh very easily.  Double bevel heads are extremely easy to resharpen.

The advantage of a single bevel is that the broadhead rotates in an "S" fashion upon striking flesh or bone.  We have thousands of customers who love and recommend this design.  The single bevel does truly rotate in the animal and tears the stuffing out of animals.  It is very impressive.  The Tanto tip and single side grind can make it more of a challenge to tune. 

​Google search "Dr. Ashby Reports" and read a bit about it if you get a chance.   The premise is that the offset grinds create a strong rotational "corkscrew" effect in the animal (through tissue and breaking bone) whereas the traditional two blade is more of a "stab" wound.  Single bevel is more of a "spiral" wound. A few shots into a 3D target and you will see the difference.  Removing the broadhead will "twist" and normally bring out a chunk of foam.  They are very hard on targets!   

We always recommend first time DirtNap customers start with double bevel DRTs.
3.  "How well do your broadheads fly? " - R. Hood, The Forest
Mr. Hood,
     Our broadheads are engineered to fly straight and true out of the fastest bows and crossbows as well as traditional gear.   We have a number of very happy clients shooting them out to 100 and even 200 yards (check out Facebook).  The bleeder blade helps stabilize the arrow in flight.  You will not be disappointed in the flight of a DirtNap Gear broadhead.  If you are, it would be because you are wearing tights and those are kinda like skinny jeans.   

4.  "Does anyone use these broadheads with crossbows?" - C. Norris, Texas
C. Norris,
     We have a growing number of very happy crossbow customers.  Many Crossbow hunters love our new ALPHA broadhead.  We have had great reports of flight out of crossbows and numerous compliments on how the Modular Weight System (M.W.S) allowed the crossbow shooter to adjust the bolt weight to fit his setup perfectly. 
5. "Which is better chocolate or powdered donuts?" -F. Albert, Detroit
Mr. Albert,
        Definitely chocolate.  Some of our customers prefer sprinkles but at the end of the day, that important decision is up to you.  If you don't like donuts at all then please don't buy our stuff.  

6. "How can I apply for Pro Staff?"  -J. Shockey, Canada
J. Shockey,
     Pro Staff or as we like to call us the "Tribe" applications are reviewed in March of every year for the upcoming fall season.   We suggest all Promotions Staff hopefuls purchase a pack of our broadheads to test them.  You can also purchase an individual test head if you are "balling on a budget".  We then ask that you submit a written or video review of our product so that we can see how you communicate.  This system benefits both parties as we get to see how you communicate and you get to thoroughly test the product.  For more information and an application, please email Josh at prostaff@dirtnapgear.com

7. "Will you sponsor our team/show/prostaff?" -Rotten Possum Productions,  Arkansas
       Sponsorships are basically designed to see how well you can promote our brand.  We look at your website, youtube/vimeo clip, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc...to see how you handle yourself and communicate with the public.  We strongly believe in respect for nature and the outdoors.  For us, it's not about all the trophies on your wall, it's about the experience.  People with that mindset are people we want to work with.  We only offer a limited amount of sponsorships a year as we are poor. 

8. " You must have tons of money, can't you share just a little bit?" - Uncle Sam, the depths of hell
      We are a family based company, meaning my wife and I and our one employee, Mike and that is all!  Every single item that leaves our hands (whether it be a decal, shirt, or broadheads), has been handled/packaged/inspected by us.  We have spent our own savings and income to get this company started  and this is why you will eat Ramen Noodles if you are ever invited over for dinner.  We have have not received hand outs, government loans,  or winning lottery tickets.  We are just hard working people with a dream to provide excellent products and fantastic customer service.  We handle all the marketing, testing, assembling, and packaging of our products...including bandaging each others cuts from handling the broadheads...we love it all.  If you want some money, get off your ass and go earn it.  

9.  "Do you ship internationally?" - J. Bond, England
Mr. Bond,
     We do ship internationally, all the time.  The price of shipping can vary but a good rule of thumb is $15-30 USD per shipment, depending on size and your time requirements. 

10.  "Is Tom that good looking in person?" - no one ever
No one ever,
     Tom is a beast of a man and his glaring good looks make goats and old women nervous.  A lot of people think he looks like a combination of the kid in the movie "Deliverance" and "Chunk" from Goonies.  

Click here for more information regarding our warranty program Modular Weight System & DRT Lifetime Warranty